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My name is Michael Van Patten and I am a professional photographer/retoucher and artist speacializing in revealing and reveling in what connects us all…. Nature and Human Nature. My truest joy comes from exploring the connections between science, nature, the human condition and spirit and then merging these age old quests with my own artistic vision.

I’ve been an active artist for more than twenty years. With a BFA from the Cooper Union. I’ve worked professionally as a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Photoshop Pixel Pusher (Retoucher).

Raised by wild migratory artists, I expanded to New York City in 1981 where I learned the art of making a living. Followed heart to San Francisco for five years of living on planet earth again and working for Apple as a retoucher. Currently I’m back in NYC where I’m living the art of making a life.

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