Finding my passion

All my life I have yearned to find a sense of balance, well being, nurturing and peace of mind….Ha!!! That’s the daily challenge right? Some days it’s easy some days its hard. But living in New York City for 25 years it mostly seemed hard to find that quiet space for reflection, that tranquility  and expansiveness that one gets from just basking in a sunset overlooking some idyllic vista. Now this being New York City the opportunities to find a idyllic vista a few and far between the subway stops. So I decided that if I couldn’t find them I would create them.

My inspiration has always been nature, so I looked outward towards the beauty of Nature and created my 1st series of works titled “Dreamscapes”. With these works I explored a simplification of the fluidity and sensuousness that was for me the essence of natures soothing effect on me. I needed more Ahhhhhhhh moments in my life to counter the frenetic bombardment of big city living. So I nurtured myself with these journeys of color and form that beckoned me to find and create my own mirror of what my heart yearned for.  I had now found what I was yearning for, that stillness and quite repose, they became my mandalas as I displayed them in my home.

Technical note: These works started as good old fashioned sketches with pencil and paper, but as I’m a professional photoshop retoucher the logical next step was to scan the sketches into photoshop where I could quickly work out my “color studies”.  Because of the vibrancy of digital prints I was constantly receiving oohs & ahhhs over what for me was just a simple color study for my paintings.  This eventually led to a creative challenge of getting photoshop to believably mimic an authentic watercolor look without using any plug and play filters. So off I went into that land of a 1,ooo layers and emerged victoriously with what you’ll see as my limited edition Dreamscapes Prints.

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